Help us support Mama’s Kitchen this Pride Month

Mama’s Kitchen is a remarkable nonprofit organization dedicated to providing nutritious meals and essential support to individuals affected by critical illnesses in the San Diego area. With a deep commitment to the well-being and dignity of those they serve, Mama’s Kitchen prepares and delivers thousands of meals each week, ensuring that individuals battling cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other critical illnesses have access to nourishing food that supports their overall health and healing. Since its inception in 1990, Mama’s Kitchen has been driven by compassion and a belief in the power of food to provide comfort and sustenance, offering a lifeline of care and support to those in need during their most challenging times.
June 1st through the San Diego Pride Parade, Tavola will donate 100% of bruschetta sales to nonprofit Mama’s Kitchen when ordered with a personal entree of their famous Pinsa Pizza.
“Food is a language of love, and through our collaboration, we aim to deliver unforgettable meals that nourish both body and soul,” said [Spokesperson’s Name], representative of Tavola. “We are excited to join forces with Mama’s Kitchen and invite the community to embark on this culinary journey with us, as we embrace the power of food to foster togetherness and make a positive impact.”
Join Tavola and Mama’s Kitchen on this remarkable journey of culinary excellence and compassionate giving. Together, let us celebrate the power of food to create meaningful change and foster a stronger, more vibrant community.

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Tavola Nostra Pizzeria E Cucina
1040 University Ave. B101
San Diego, CA 92103



Monday: Closed
Tuesday & Wednesday: 4pm-9pm
Thursday: 12pm-9pm
Friday – Saturday: 12pm-10pm
Sunday: 12pm-9pm